Security Certificate

It is required to install a security certificate on your device to use the schools Internet access.  Without this many websites and services will not work correctly.





What does it do?

The school requires you to install a root certificate onto your device, this allows the schools system to decrypt SSL traffic and then encrypt SSL traffic after inspection.  This is required for the school to fulfil safeguarding requirements.  We do not decrypt traffic associated to on-line banking and we can not see usernames and passwords which you use on websites.

Certificates can be a little difficult to install. On some devices and browser combinations it does not work. (i.e Chrome on iPads)


Below are links to guides on how to install the certificate on different devices.  If you require help then please bring your device to the IT Support office.  We will require that you have full admin access to your device to perform this task.


You can download the certificate here

For install  guides for the certificates click your device type below:

Apple ipad