*Currently we can not support printing from iPad Devices.*



As we are supporting different types of devices with different file types it makes sense when sending files to members of staff that it is in a format that their device will be able to open. Most word processing packages allow you to save as a “.pdf” file and this is the standard file type we would encourage you to use when sending to a member of staff or when using the  web printing system.

Just remember to save the file first and then save a copy as a “.pdf” so that you can still edit the file on your chosen word processing package.



When you need to print a document you can do this using our Web Print system. There is a link on the portal site (it is a printer icon). This will ask you to login — use the same username and password that you have for the school computer system. You will see a summary screen. On the left hand side there is an option for “Web Print”. Select this and then choose “Submit a Job”. Follow the wizard by choosing your printer and number of copies then upload the file.

You can upload office files or PDFs only. You can only print full files, you can’t select only certain pages and you can’t print direct from an application.